Kitchen Renovations Costs

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Determining Factors for Kitchen Renovation

The factors determining the cost of a kitchen renovation include the square footage, the design you want, the finishes you select, and whether or not you are removing walls and reconfiguring the space.

Our average kitchen renovation cost is somewhere around $60,000 to $90,000.

It typically includes aspects of the main floor as well.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, you will probably want to reconfigure the main floor. Homes built in previous decades were designed much differently than today’s open-concept homes, with less natural lighting and with formal dining rooms that are rarely used anymore. Since you’re already going to remodel the kitchen, you may also consider opening up the space and bringing in more light, giving you and your family an area that looks and feels roomy and bright.

Why is it Important to Hire an Experienced Contractor?

Many of the kitchen renovations we do involve removing walls, particularly load-bearing walls. If this is in the scope of your project, you’ll need the help of a professional contractor to relocate plumbing, HVAC, and electrical and an accredited engineer to determine what needs to be done to maintain the structural integrity of your home.

Cabinetry, a major part of a kitchen renovation, must be built and installed properly. While having the cabinetry built and installed professionally contributes to the cost of your project, it is well worth the investment. Cabinetry accounts for up to 35% of the cost of a kitchen renovation, so it’s important to get it right!

Custom cabinetry elevates a kitchen to a whole new level as it is meticulously designed to fit the space exactly. Anything is possible with custom cabinetry, and it’s built to last so will withstand continued use for years to come.


Determining How Much to Spend on Your Reno

The first thing to consider is how much you can afford to spend, then talk to an experienced contractor about your plans for your new kitchen or main floor. He or she will be able to give you a rough idea of the cost of such a project based on past projects so you’ll know if your budget is realistic.

Sitting down with an experienced designer will help fine-tune your criteria and create a vision for the space you wish to develop. The design will be critical for accurate pricing so be sure to discuss all the details you’d like to see incorporated.

A good design team will have suggestions for you and will help guide you through the design process if you begin to feel overwhelmed. They will help you design a space that is not only functional and beautiful, but also fits within the budget you have in mind.

How Much Will the Extra Costs Be?

When you undertake a kitchen reno, you have to factor in the costs of not having a kitchen for a period of time. The average kitchen renovation we undertake takes 12 to 16 weeks. If you stay in your home during this period, there will be a lot of eating out, which costs more than cooking at home.

We actually recommend moving out of your home during a kitchen remodel if possible. Even though you want the space redone, it’s stressful to see the heart of your home being torn apart and you’ll have trades people around for the duration. Renting a furnished house or apartment will be much less stressful for you and your family but will, of course, add to the cost of the project.


Our experienced and dedicated team can help you create the kitchen of your dreams, from design to completion. Use our online calculator to get an instant estimate on your kitchen project.