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Bathroom Design Ideas

There are a number of new design trends in the world of bathrooms today. Getting rid of chunky corner built-in bathtubs in ensuites is a big one. The tubs take up unnecessary space and contribute to a cramped, crowded feel. Opening up the room allows for a variety of layout reconfiguration options and an airy ‘spa like’ feeling.

Replacing the built-in tubs are elegant freestanding bathtubs and custom-designed walk-in showers. In fact, many people are forgoing the bathtub altogether in the ensuite, replacing it with a large walk-in shower/steam room with beautiful tiled benches. If your preference leans toward an ensuite with a large luxurious shower but you feel the need to retain a bathtub, keeping one in the main bathroom still leaves the option for bathing available.

If you’ve got an empty nest, why not enlarge the ensuite or put one in if none exists? Part of this is creating the space for double vanities (no more waiting for the other person to finish!).

Another trend we’re seeing in bathroom remodel ideas is floating vanities. Again, it’s all about creating a more serene, spacious look and feel in your home. Built-in storage is also popular for a tidier, well-organized space.

Bathroom Ideas for Aging in Place

Most people want to remain living in their own homes as long as possible. A renovation offers the opportunity to put in features that will allow you to stay in your home even if mobility or other health problems become issues down the road.

When thinking about aging in place and bathroom renovations, consider installing items such as grab bars and other supports. A wider doorway that can accommodate wheelchairs is another idea. Many people put in barrier-free showers that you don’t have to step into or walk-in bathtubs for easier access should mobility be restricted in the future.

Bathroom flooring should be carefully considered because falls are a hazard at any age. Choosing a product that isn’t too slippery when wet is wise when selecting flooring for bathrooms. Textured tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring are the most popular choices. Great options for shower floors are pebbles or small mosaics; they not only give you better grip on the wet surface, but also create a beautiful feature for a frequently overlooked space.

Before You Remodel: Unique Ideas for the Bathroom

We all know the typical look of a conventional bathroom, but bathrooms can be designed to look any way you want them to. For instance, you don’t have to purchase a vanity designed specifically for a bathroom. Instead, you can use an old desk or sideboard for a one-of-a-kind look.

Think of unique materials you can use, such as brick or beautiful wallpaper. Installing a gorgeous light fixture above a freestanding tub gives the room a sumptuous and elegant feel.

The point is to make sure your bathroom remodel reflects you, gives you a space you love spending time in, and works for you and your family. Look at resources such as and our gallery to see how others have remodeled their bathrooms for more great ideas.