Basement Design / Development Ideas

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Basement development is fun because the space is typically used as an entertaining and family area. You live on the main floor of your home and party in the basement!

A great idea for basement finishing is to create a games room, perhaps with a pool table, where you and your family can hang out together and with friends. If you’re doing an open-concept basement, putting in a media centre and wet bar adds to your ability to entertain. Tack on a bathroom in the basement with a good-sized tile shower and you never have to leave.

It’s important to avoid cheaping out on the finishes you select for your basement. Yes, it’s just the basement and it can definitely have a more relaxed look and feel. But the specs should match the spec level of the rest of your home.

While many basement renovations are open concept with areas for a media centre and wet bar, common room additions are a guest bedroom, office, or workout room. There are no limits to what you can do when it comes to basement design. Think about what your home needs and what will work for your family and go from there.

More Ideas for Basement Renovation Projects

It can be wonderful when the sky’s the limit, but it can also be daunting. How do you narrow down your options for your new basement?

The best process is to comb through websites like ours and to see what’s possible, and keep track of what you love. Eventually, everything will come together and your vision for the space will begin to take shape.

Here are a few more ideas to help you get started:

  • Consider using built-in custom cabinetry for the entertainment centre, wet bar, etc. Built-in pieces clarify what the space is to be used for and help you and your family stay organized. We love custom cabinetry because it’s designed to fit the space, not the other way around; this allows you to be very specific in how you implement it.
  • Choose larger pieces of furniture that fit with the open concept areas. Tiny pieces will get lost in the basement. Go for the big sectional and oversized coffee table that invite everyone to gather around.
  • A gas fireplace can make a great addition to the basement, adding a cozy element. Flanking shelves or a simple floating mantle add to the drama and functionality of the space.
  • Replacing the staircase with custom-built open stairs can contribute to a more open, airy feeling. If you have a fully enclosed stairwell, consider opening up the wall on one side to give a line of site into the basement.
  • Use lots of lighting to keep the space bright and warm. Pot lights are ideal for a basement because they don’t lower the ceiling as fixtures tend to do.
  • That space below the stairs can make a great playhouse for the kids. They’ll be busy in there while you relax!
  • If you love industrial design, leave some of the pipes in the ceiling exposed and painted the same colour as the ceiling. Painted concrete floors with in-floor heating are a great addition to this look.

Start Planning Your Finished Basement

Developing your basement adds a full floor of living space to your home, benefiting your family today and adding significant value to your home. Finishing it is one of the best investments you can make in your property.

View our gallery for more ideas and to see how we’ve helped others get the basements of their dreams. Providing you work with a dependable contractor, you’ll never regret undertaking a basement development project. Many of our clients say that the basement becomes the most-used room in the house.