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Home Remodeling Resources

As experts in renovations, we know how overwhelming a remodelling project can be. There are so many things to think about and so many choices to make! On top of that, you’re doing something you may have never done before, so there’s a lot to learn.

That’s why we’ve created a resource section on our site.

This section is intended to help you find ideas and inspiration as well as educate you on things like pricing and permits. We hope it takes some of the stress out of the remodelling process for you.


Renovation Costs

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Many homeowners underestimate the cost of a renovation. This is understandable—after all, it’s not your job to know the price of a new kitchen or an addition to your home. But it’s important to start planning with a realistic budget in mind. Learn the average cost of different types of projects we’ve completed and the factors that impact the cost of a renovation.

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Design Ideas

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Looking at home design ideas is the fun part of a remodelling project. There are numerous resources for ideas and a lot of styles you can choose when redoing your home. Discover where to look for inspiration and learn about some of the common styles people choose when renovating their homes.


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Building & Development Permits

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Most renovation projects only require a Building Permit from the City of Calgary; however, if you’re considering an addition, whether it’s adding to the house itself or building a garage or deck, you may need a Development Permit, which takes time and money. Learn about Building and Development Permits and how we help you secure them.


Aging in Place & Accessibility

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Most people want to stay in their homes as long as they can and feel independent in them. While you might be healthy today, there’s no guarantee you won’t have mobility issues in the future. If you’re designing a new space today, why not consider your potential needs and build long-lasting independence into the design?

Learn more about Aging in Place and Accessibility.

Our Favourite Resource

One of our favourite home remodelling resources is

We use this site extensively to gather design ideas, learn about new building trends, and share our own completed projects and client testimonials. We also create a personalize Ideabook for each of our clients, which allows us to collaborate directly with you to determine your style and overall interior design preferences. You can browse through countless photos to get ideas for your renovation and save the photos to your Ideabook where they’re instantly shared with our design team.

Houzz allows you to search photos by style, budget, size, colour, layout, and more. We’ve found it to be a very valuable tool in our toolbox and our clients love using it too. Take a look!