Bonus Room Additions
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Bonus Room Additions

If you’re feeling like space is at a premium in your home, adding a bonus room over the garage will be life-changing! Not only will you get more living space, you’ll also update the exterior of your home, giving the house a fresh, modern appearance you’ll love coming home to.

The cost of a bonus room addition depends on the amount of square footage you’re adding to your home as well as the quality of interior selections and exterior finishes. The bonus room projects we’ve undertaken cost an average of $250,000 but that varies according to the client’s vision and budget. Bonus rooms capitalize on the unused space over a garage so there is no need to dig and pour a concrete foundation, which means they can be constructed in any weather.

Before You Begin Building Your Bonus Room

Before you begin construction on a bonus room addition, a comprehensive set of architectural plans is required, including a fully engineered floor and roof system. Bonus room additions require a Building Permit and possibly a Development Permit, depending on the amount of square footage being added and other factors, such as property setbacks etc. Working with an experienced designer is critical to ensure the plans are drafted according to City requirements.

Another consideration is heating of the new space, which includes ensuring the existing furnace has adequate BTU to service the additional square footage, and also putting proper measures in place to create a comfortable room temperature. As well, you will need to be sure that the new bonus room area is constructed to meet the Alberta Energy Code requirements for insulation and windows. Since new windows will be required, it’s a great time to discuss upgrading the rest of the windows in the home for energy efficiency as well.

Above Garage Bonus Room Ideas

The room above your garage can be transformed into anything you want! It adds enough space for a gorgeous master retreat and walk-in closet with spacious ensuite, or an open family living area that serves as a game room and home theater.

Other ideas for using the space include developing a man cave or woman cave, craft/hobby room, or home office. There’s also the opportunity to have the room double as a guest room by simply adding a daybed or foldout couch. The options are endless; it all depends on your family’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

Experienced Contractors Ready to Help

Building a room over your garage is a relatively straightforward project but it does require experience and know-how. We understand the challenges of these projects and how to ensure you get a room that is structurally sound, protected from heat and cold, and designed to work for you and your family.

Most people choose to have their home’s exterior redone when they add a bonus room. Our team of professionals can handle all aspects of this part of the project and will work closely with you to ensure your vision is realized. Contact us today to get started!