Basement Development
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Full Basement Development

Basement development can add almost a full floor of living area to your home. At Dependable Renovations, we specialize in maximizing renovated space by removing basement teleposts and awkward wall placements. This opens up the basement space for real living and capitalizes on some of the best real estate in your home!

If you’re going to hire a contractor to remove the teleposts in the basement, ensure your contractor is experienced and has the engineering knowledge and proper permits to do the job. The point loads must be properly supported to maintain the structural integrity of your home.

Basement Development Ideas

Basement development is fun because the space is typically used as an entertaining and family area. You live on the main floor of your home and party in the basement! A great idea for basement finishing is to create a games room, perhaps with a pool table, where you and your family can hang out together and with friends.

If you’re doing an open concept basement, adding a media centre and wet bar adds to your ability to entertain. Tack on a bathroom in the basement with a good-sized tile shower and you never have to leave.

It’s important to avoid cheaping out on the finishes you select for your basement. Yes, it’s just the basement and it can definitely have a more relaxed look and feel. But the specs should match the spec level of the rest of your home.

While many basement renovations are open concept with areas for a media centre and wet bar, common room additions are a guest bedroom, office, or workout room. There are no limits to what you can do when it comes to basement design. Think about what your home needs and what will work for your family and go from there.

Basement Renovations When You Don’t Have a Basement

Older Calgary homes were often built without full basements. If you own a heritage home, it is possible to add space by creating a new basement under the house.

We did just that in one original 1911 home. The house was meticulously moved off its original foundation and slid back 50 feet to rest on an existing garage slab. The crumbling 105-year old foundation was completely demolished and hauled away.

After the foundation was removed, the front yard was excavated and we poured a new concrete basement foundation with 9’ walls. Once the foundation was complete, the house was moved on top, the new basement was fully developed, and the main floor was completely renovated to an open concept design, including a new kitchen, living room, powder room, and revised floor layout that maximized the space by reconfiguring the location of the basement stairwell.

Adding a basement may not be an option for every heritage home. But if your space is feeling cramped, the possibility is worth exploring. It may be better than losing yard space with an addition.

Experts in Basement Design and Development

Our team would love to help you with your custom basement design and development project. We’ll work closely with you from start to finish to create additional living space for you and your family. In addition, our engineering team is well versed in removing teleposts and developing a new structural support system so that all the livable space is available without compromising the integrity of your home.

Give us a call to discuss your basement development plans. We’ll visit you in your home to see what you’re working with and how your vision can best be achieved. Contact us today!