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Home Interior Design

Interior design is a major component of every home renovation and construction project.

Interior design is more than just aesthetics; it’s about finding creative design solutions while enhancing your quality of life. There are so many decisions to make when considering the interior of your home that interior designers are basically worth their weight in gold!

The first thing you have to decide is the style you want the space to reflect.

  • Are you going for a minimalist or zen design?
  • Do you prefer modern/contemporary interior design?
  • Perhaps you have a heritage home and want to retain its original character while bringing in some modern elements.

Every home and client is unique and the choice of how to proceed is ultimately up to you.

Working With a Home Interior Designer

Dependable Renovations works with a team of professional and talented interior designers that take a very hands-on approach to the selection process. They support you in the selection of everything you need in your home, guiding you to the materials and styles that will help you achieve your overall vision for your new space.

Your interior designer will guide you to selections within your budget to ensure you aren’t choosing items beyond what you are comfortable with. They will shop with you or for you, based on discussions you’ve had during your meetings and your level of desired involvement in the process. They’ll direct you to sources, make suggestions, and bring you tons of ideas so you ultimately achieve a beautiful home finished with materials you love.

Working with a home interior designer takes the pressure of the homeowner. The selection process takes much more time, organization, and effort than many people expect. Trying to get it done in the last two weeks before your project starts is impossible and leads to delays and cost overruns. Your interior designer keeps you on schedule, ensuring that selections are made at the right time and in the correct order.

Collaboration = Great interior Design

Our interior designers are part of our design-build team, so they have knowledge about home renovation and construction projects that other interior designers may not have. Working closely with architectural technologists, project managers, and engineers, they understand the challenges of your unique project and know exactly what’s happening during design and construction.

Having this knowledge allows them to ensure finishes are selected in a timely manner and transform the overall look and feel of your home.

View our gallery  to see some of the beautiful homes our interior designers have helped create.