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Home Design Build

At Dependable Renovations, we use the design-build process for all our custom renovations and new homes. This means that the design team works directly with the construction team.

In the traditional method of building a home or doing a renovation, you first find a designer and an architect, work with them, then take the plans to a contractor. If the contractor has issues with the design, it’s up to you to convey those messages. This holds up the process and can be time-consuming and stressful for the homeowner. It’s also often more expensive.

Design can look good on paper but implementing it can be challenging or even impossible. With the knowledge of both design and construction on our team, we can have those conversations early in the process and avoid the budget over-runs or project delays that can happen using a separate design team.

Advantages of Design Build for Custom Home Designs


You’re working with one company throughout the entire project and dealing with the same people from start to finish. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and conflict between the design and construction phases. The process runs more smoothly and more efficiently.


The design team and the construction team are one, working together to achieve the same goal—to give you a wonderful experience and result. They understand the requirements and challenges of each phase and are constantly communicating, allowing them to come up with great ideas that are practical, efficient, and within your budget.


The design-build process is usually faster because all the scheduling is done at the same time. Because Dependable Renovations is managing the entire project, everyone knows what’s expected of them and, if issues arise during construction that require design’s input, they are resolved quickly because we’re all one team, ready to help out when required.

Residential Design for Renovations or Custom Homes

Whether you’re considering a large-scale renovation or a custom home design, we can help. Our design build process is systematic and ensures that you are in control throughout the design and construction phases.

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